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Set from the 80s to the present day 2020, the story of NIña Cubana follows the journey of a pre teen native Cuban girl faced with socialism, and a family –divided. She is forced to leave everything she loves and flea for her safety due to political differences her father has found himself in with Cuban government. Eventually finds womanhood through a multitude of events that propel her to face life on her own.


The Story


This highly emotional adventure drama by filmmaker Tammy Torres, of Cuban descent, chronicles the life of Angelica, an innocent Cuban child who is forced to leave everything she knows when her father is targeted by the Cuban government and his life becomes endangered.

He then has to make the harsh decision to send her to America with her Uncle to find a better life because his is not promised.

The film highlights her emotional and psychological struggles as she “overcomes the odds” and forced to figure out life on her own.

filmmaker Tammy Torres’ beautifully illustrates how a small personal story can resonate on many different levels

The Reason

It’s so important that we as women, people of color, LGBT Community, and the working class begin not to only be in front of lenses but part of the process behind them. We have to make sure we are telling our own stories. We are in a time period of risk, and taking our stories back so that we tell them ourselves is pivotal in staying true to our cultures, that act in itself can be revolutionary!

When you’re behind that lens, it can be harder and harder for people to take you serious. In my case, I kept pursuing a dream I kept pursuing on my values and against all odds. It’s important to state that our stories are not just fantasies but our road maps to reality. That’s how we get films unlike those that have never been seen before. There are so many different lenses that can be unlocked the more that we take risks in putting people behind the lenses that historically have not been there. There’s so much potential in our future, And frankly, the potential of our storytelling is a major part of the potential of our nation. Because when people see who is on that screen whether it’s a “Little Cuban Girl”, young, old and everywhere in between that looks at that protagonist can see themselves in them and say I can be a hero too.

The scenes are all shot in Cuba

Behind the Scenes


This is an inside look of how the Cuban adolescent kids live in their country, Cuba. While filming NiÑa Cubana I experienced what it was like to live in a 3rd world country. As a American-born Cuban I found this to be unique and an experience I’ll never forget. I lived within their world for close to a year. I documented a lot of their day-to-day struggles and what they one day aspire to be. I learned the people in Cuba live off hopes and dreams. I will continue to shed light on these matters, so I can one day be that bridge of hope that helps them make their dreams a reality.


Our cast of prominent actors.

Leduan Torres

Lenner Torres

Angelica Perez

Irel Torres

Omar Gonzalez

Iran Torres

Abuela Gonzalez

Alexis Nartinez

Mega Yacht


Our first Private Screening for “Niña Cubana” film. Showcased during ART BASEL 2019 exclusively at the “Muses Experience” on the Sea fair Mega Yacht Miami!

My inspiration

A return trip to Cuba after growing up in the United States brought back all the memories of my childhood and the wonderful values my parents taught me, including the desire to pursue a better life. When I saw the innocent children playing in the streets, I had that “choked up teary-eyed hit you in the chest moment” because I realized we ALL have hopes and dreams and only need a nurturing environment and determination to reach our true potential.

About Tammy Torres

As a multi-faceted professional with over a decade of experience, Tammy Torres is well known for her down to earth personality and business acumen.

Now in her directorial debut, filmmaker Tammy Torres continues to break boundaries while empowering women around the world to follow their dreams.

Niña Cubana


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